Abbott Annealing Furnace

Abbott Furnace Company’s annealing furnaces provide improved control over time and temperature relations to achieve desired properties in such areas as machinability, cold work (process annealing or in-process annealing), dimensional stability, as well as electrical and mechanical properties. This can be applied to ferrous and nonferrous alloys alike.

An annealing furnace is a piece of equipment used to heat a material at very high temperatures, to change its hardness and strength properties. Annealing is commonly associated with the manufacture of steel, to relieve internal stresses that may lead to failure in service and to produce a more uniform, or homogeneous, internal structure. This process is also commonly used with various metals, glass, and other materials to make them less brittle and more workable.

Abbott Furnace can supply a furnace for practically any annealing operation including final, full, intermediate, partial and recrystallization annealing, in varying time and temperature ranges.

Features of Annealing Furnaces

Special Muffle Design

  • We use a unique ductwork muffle design which improves the efficiency of both gas-fired and electric versions of our annealing furnaces.

Gas or Electric Heating

  • Abbott Furnace Company offers both types of furnace heating, depending on your needs.

Monitoring & Control

  • We offer computerized monitoring and control systems that may supervise several different functions including furnace temperature, atmosphere flow, dew point, oxygen content, carbon control, belt speed, etc.
  • Abbott utilizes a variety of systems to perform these functions